Solving Climate
in the Negev

Eclogix Challenges

“Ecologix Challenges” is a unique experience of learning in action for young entrepreneurs, students and young professionals from Israel who are interested in being exposed to the fields of climate entrepreneurship.
The participants work in teams of between 4-6 members on real-life climate problems of a real company in the industry.
This program will focus on climate tech challenges by Climate Tech companies and KKL.
The teams follow an innovation process developed by the SCE to tackle the proposed challenges, create an innovative concept and, if necessary, prototype solutions.
Our program includes a face-to-face opening workshop, weekly live sessions to feed content and discuss progress, work as a team, and presentation of results at the Demo Day in Be’er Sheva.

Gain practical experience in the entrepreneurial world.

Networking and access to experts from the field including entrepreneurs, investors and more.

Gain extensive knowledge about climate change, its causes, effects, and future solutions.

An opportunity to research, develop and produce a solution to a real challenge for a company in the industry.

Who Can Participate In These Challenges?

Young Entrepreneurs & Students

Young entrepreneurs or students with an open mindset and a desire to be exposed to the fields of climate entrepreneurship.
The participants should have an innovative mindset, team players, fluency in English, be proactive and love the environment and strive to improve and change it.
Passion for climate-tech is more important than prior experience.



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Program sessions


Demo Day Final Event




Definitely! We’ll provide you with the necessary knowledge.
Yes, the program is tailor made for new entrepreneurs.
The minimum is 3 hours in the weekly meetings, which are mandatory. The rest depends on you, the more time you spend, the better you’re solution will be.

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